Re: Morg/Nich \sweating

Bruce Manley (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 22:07:39 -0500

Forgive me for taking up your time but am I to understand that this is THE
Elaine Morgan, as in THE DESCENT OF WOMAN, THE EQUATIC APE, etc?

If so I have a burning question and again forgive me for interjecting
here but I find this question rather important. I am a bio-psychologist
at the University of Georgia and the AQUATIC THEORY has come up in several
discussions. Despite the indepth discussions a vexing question remains.

What research (i.e. anthropological digs) has been done in regions that may
have been flooded at the time in question (4-8 mil years ago?) or may still
BE flooded today where these primateez could have lived. Though many will
criticize the AQUATIC THEORY it is my estimation that it is more than
plausible enough to warrant serious investigation but I have read little
about such research.

The AQUATIC THEORY goes a long way in explaining the inherent 'branching'
effect between humans and the other primateez (if I may use the term
branching so loosely). Pursuant to these concerns I myself have noticed an
interesting pattern in dolphin behavior (its connection is not apparent at
first glance). I refer you to the studies of Dr. Louis Herman with the
dolphins Akeakamai and Phoenix. I spoke to him and he shared my
enthusiasm. If you would like me to elaborate (space is limited here and
I have interrupted enough) please email me at,
Thanks for your time.