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20 Jan 1995 20:05:18 GMT

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: : > Need info from crackpotologists & anthropologists:
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: : > I'm beginning research for a possible book on aberrant and kook theories
: : > of human evolution. This includes not only theories that suggest how we
: : > got here but also those that look forward, such as eugenics.
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: Try Charles Darwin's "Origen of the Species"
: you can't get kookier than that.

Hmm, Darwin's book was pretty well thought out and well written.
There is nothing kooky about it.

: Darwin understood that science requires empirical verification of
: the "hypothesis"

As does every scientist today.

: Darwin assumed that "missing links" for most species would be found!

No, he did not. Read the fucking book pinweasel.

: At the time their were less than a dozen palentologists in the entire
: world, so the abence of "missing links" was not a problem!

: Darwin , in his "origen" hypthesised that they would be found!

Sorry. He explained quite clearly that the record may, in fact, never
be all that good.

: Now a hundred years and TENS OF THOUSANDS of paleontologists later
: Darwin's propsed "scintific experiment" [i.e. dig them up] had failed!

: So now we have the "theologians" like Gould's "punctualted equillibrium"
: that says, rather mysterioulsy:

: a) we accept "evolution on FAITH"

Not at all.