undergrad seeking digs

Thu, 19 Jan 95 17:48:59 EST


I am an undergrad majoring in Biological Anthropology (minors in African
Studies & Women's Studies) at Kent State University. I plan to go on to
grad school and pursue a career in academia. In preparation for this (and
for fun), I have been looking for an opportunity to get some field experience.
Unfortunately -- and to no one's real surprise -- I have found that most such
opportunities are either open only to grad students or are prohibitively
expensive (designed for older folks who can afford to jaunt around the world).
If anyone has any suggestions as to whom to contact or where to send a resume,
I would much appreciate email at sway@kentvm.kent.edu. What I have to offer:
I can arrange to spend any or all of the summer virtually anywhere in North
America (transportation is no problem, but I cannot afford to put myself up for
3 months without a job); I speak English and German and a bit of Spanish; I can
(and would) cook, clean, carry equipment, etc. for the chance to observe; I've
had the basic 1st year anthro courses and would do any catch-up "homework"
necessary to prepare; and I REALLY want to do this. Thanks a lot in advance.

Susan Way