Dennis J. Nicklaus (
19 Jan 1995 15:38:23 GMT

(somebody wrote. the attribution doesn't really matter.)
|> >: Yes, he is right. I am an avid geneologist. THe further back I go the more
|> >: cousins and other relatives I find married to each other. That is true
|> >: of most family lines. It wasn't so much a taboo generations ago, in fact...

Actually, I have to go WAY back to find almost any of this at all.
I have a lot of "double cousins" where, e.g. 2 sisters of one family marry
2 brothers of the other, but that is different.
By WAY back, I mean pre-1800 in little farming communities around Europe
where things were more self-contained like a later followup on this thread.
(I've got probably 5000 relatives cataloged.)
Maybe my family just isn't "hillbilly" enough. Actually, I think the real
reason is that I have a constant stream of new immigration in my
ancestors to keep diversifying the gene pool from 1750-1900.