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Caligula Sequel (Sequel)
18 Jan 1995 13:46:04 GMT

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: >Ok Chris, why do you think Lucy is not an ancestor of Homo?

: I'll give two reasons. The first has to do with the variability
: found in the various Hadar materials. I agree with those who feel
: there is more than one species there.


: A second, more technical reason, has to do with the drainage of
: blood from the cranial vault. Robust Australopithecines, which
: are widely seen as NOT ancestral to Homo, have an enlarged
: occipital-marginal sinus (O/M sinus). Gracile Australopithcines
: and Homo do not have an enlarged O/M sinus.

Then too there's a back-assumption from currentia, i.e.
us homos don't have that much control over who our
ancesters are!