Re: What did AAT Supposedly eat?

Phil Nicholls (
16 Jan 1995 04:01:43 GMT

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Pat Dooley <> wrote:
>> <pb> wrote
>>and use clubs in warfare against other troups. Tool-making seems to
>>be a primitive condition in the pan-hominid clade; in fact, this
>>that the common ancestor of chimps and proto-humans was also a tool-user.
>Surely you mean tool-using rather than tool making. Picking up a stick
>or straw or ripping a branch off a tree hardly constitutes tool making.
>Pat D

Chimpanzees will look for a small branch of particular size, strip the
leaves off it a particular way, carry it for some distance and use it
to fish for termits. By any reasonable criteria they have taken a
natural material and altered it's shape for a particular use. That is
tool making.

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