Re: How similar did Neandertals look to us?

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Fri, 13 Jan 1995 14:35:40 GMT

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Subject: Re: How similar did Neandertals look to us?
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Phillip Bigelow <> wrote:
> (Jim Foley) writes:
>> Straus and Cave (1957) made a striking comment about Neandertals:
>> "Notwithstanding, if he could be reincarnated and placed in a New
>> York subway - provided that he were bathed, shaved, and dressed in
>> modern clothing - it is doubtful whether he would attract any more
>> attention than some of its other denizens".
Was this image not originally one of Hooten's? I am sure I remember
his distincitive cartoon style illustrating it.

> Back on the topic of kook science: Again, I will have to find the ref.
>on this, but someone published a few papers (articles??) a while back on the
>possiblity of Neanderthal-Cro Magnon interbreeding. This article is not
>fringe science; HOWEVER... some "researcher" picked up on the idea, and

Indeed not fringe science, the Multi-Regional-Model for evolution of
modern Homo sapiens sapiens explicitly includes (in some versions at least)
exchange of Genes between European Homo sapiens neandertalensis and other
less archaic populations. Cro Magnon would probably be the offspring
of such mating rather than a participant. Even some of the Single Origin
OUt-of-Africa proponents have recently allowed that there might have
been a bit of miscegenation between the marching moderns and preceeding
populations. This despite the fact that such an allowance puts them
squarely in the position the multi-regionalists occupy.

Re the Neandertal would be unrecognizable in a business suit idea,
how about Homo erectus in an NFL uniform?