Re: What did AAT Supposedly eat?

Clarissa Hoover (
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 16:54:42 GMT

Phillip Bigelow <> wrote:

>technology to survive out of the water. There is no documented evidence for
>any technology in A. afarensis; not fire use, not tool making, no evidence
>of clothing worn. By your convoluted logic, in order for the aquatic ape to

Um, I'm just a poor little archaeologist wandering through, but I have a
question about this - I was under the *distinct* impression that tools
were a definite and fire a possibility based on the findings at Oldavai
Gorge. Is it true that stone tools and hearths associated with
Australopithecines have all been discredited? As for clothing, well, I
don't imagine we'll have any way of knowing whether they wore clothing or
not until we know whether they needed it or not - one wouldn't expect to
find any direct evidence after four million years.

Clarissa G. Hoover