Re: AAT reply from Elaine Morgan

Pat Dooley (
8 Jan 1995 16:35:55 -0500

> For instance, the ecological niche for most birds and bats is
>the same; yet, the two groups of animals converged only _slightly_. They
>have an airfoil in common. How they _achieved_ the airfoil is vastly
>different, and the airfoil structures are not homologous between the two

They don't actually occupy the same niche. Bats are nocturnal. Birds
aren't (usually). However, one cave dwelling species of birds has evolved
echo-location. A remarkable example of convergence, n'est ce pas?
I had read there was an ongoing debate in zoological circles about
whether flying foxes belonged in the bat family or some off-shoot of
primitive primates. If the latter is true, then the convergence is

Pat D