Re: What did AAT Supposedly eat?

Pat Dooley (
8 Jan 1995 16:13:34 -0500

>I would like to know what the AAT supposedly subsisted on.

Shell fish, crabs, seaweed, lobsters, fish washed ashore. The sea
shore is very rich in food sources. Humans seem to like such fare
rather more than their ape cousins.

>Also, by the theory, why did the AAT move to the savannah?

The best theory, supported by the geological evidence, is that
their sea, the ancient Sea of Afar in NE Africa dried up. The timing
for the formation of the sea and its subsequent disappearance
fit the time scales quite well. If the sea dried up, then the AAT
would most like follow the tributary rivers back into the heart of Africa.
At some point, post Lucy, they moved into a scavenging role on the

Pat D