Re: pseudoscience and fossils

Pat Dooley (
8 Jan 1995 15:38:14 -0500

> Any way you look at it, Elaine, you are sitting in a rather good
>regarding the promotion of your book. Consider: How many other authors
>UseNet get free advertizing by having roughly 80-90% of the discussion
>threads centered on the specific subjects addressed in their book? It
>couldn't have fallen together for you more beautifully had it been
>in a play! Velikovsky would have been proud!
> (in fact, Velikovsky's book promoters would probably have been a
> jeolous) :)
> <pb>

Very cheap shots, but at about the level we have come to expect from
the two P's. So far as I know, Elaine Morgan has not actively promoted
her books on Usenet. I do think it is a great boost for the Usenet to
have the author participating in the discussion.

Plenty of authours are widely discussed, especially in Rec.Arts.Books.

Velikovsky has had a good going over in many forums and has been
thoroughly debunked by many disciplines. The same can't be said
for AAT opponents.

Pat D