sunchokes and ricers

Helen Fleischer (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 02:05:11 GMT

JB> I am happy to hear it works. I will look into getting a ricer. We buy
JB> chokes! I will continue to do so, until I catch my neighbor and cut
JB> his hands off. He steals my asparagus and horseradish. I suspect he
JB> stole the only eggplant we had last year. The police say they can't do
JB> anything, unless he is caught in the act. Even then, it's doubtful he
JB> will get anything more than a fine. I don't mind sharing, but
JB> stealing I do.

So would I!!! When you shop for a ricer, you might consider getting one
that only has holes in the bottom, not bottom and sides. I saw an ad for
a new one that was mostly plastic but had interchangeable steel plates
for the bottom with different size holes. It was very inexpensive, but
the idea of having holes only in the bottom is a good one if you are
pressing stuff with the skins on. Otherwise you need a deep bowl, like I
used. BTW your average thief might not recognise Sunchokes as food,
especially since I don't plant them anywhere near my veggie garden,
since they are so invasive. Of course, so is horseradish...

JB> Heh, that is what I call planned planting. We don't plan on being here
JB> much longer. I hope I can take our berry bushes, horseradish and
JB> asparagus with us.

I hear asparagus is hard to move, but horseradish is easy.

JB> Nothing stays in the crisper long here. Those new veggie bags do work
JB> great, though.

I have little plastic mats on feet that go in my crisper to keep
things up off the floor of it. Stuff keeps well there that way. I tend
to use it for apples and such that like that cold, humid storage. I do
want to get a fridge with clear drawers next time, though. Something
about out-of-sight out-of-mind...

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