Pots and Pans

Dan Ceppa (dan.ceppa@ussnet.com)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 21:40:00 GMT

-> On 01-02-95 10:51, Tom Rogers got back to Dan Ceppa

TR> as fast conducting heat as copper/stainless but still quite good. See
TR> also messages 146 and 300 for more results.

I saw them... BTW, the message numbers that you have don't
have any correlation to messages on this side of your BBS. Just
thought I'd let you know. :)

TR> State. We drove round that beautiful mountain in 1993. We were
TR> wonderfully hosted by some friends of my parents in Sequim, Washington.

Well,if you have the opportunity to make it down this way again,
please do look me up! If it can be worked out, we'll get some
of the other crew from the Seattle areas to join us!

TR> Looks like a place I could retire if I could take my medical insurance

They all want to retire here. Except for one place in Florida,
this town has the highest average age of any community in the US.

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