Re: What did AAT Supposedly eat?

Sir CPU (
7 Jan 1995 16:01:15 -0500

-So, by your logic then, Lucy must have had some type of technology,
-according to Elaine Morgan, Lucy postdates the aquatic phase. Morgan's
-hypothesis also demands that Lucy (A. afarensis) was hairless, as was
-aquatic ancestor, as are modern humans. If Lucy
-postdates the aquatic phase, her species must have had some type of
-technology to survive out of the water. There is no documented evidence
-any technology in A. afarensis; not fire use, not tool making, no
-of clothing worn. By your convoluted logic, in order for the aquatic ape
-have lost it's aquatic niche and invaded the savannah, it would have
-the hominid to have some form of technology to survive the terrestrial
-environment. There is no evidence for this. Lucy was terrestrial. Not
-even _Morgan_ believes that Lucy was aquatic. How could a small,
-post-aquatic phase hominid with no technology survive on the savannah?
-Lucy _did_ survive quite well as a terrestrial biped. This is what I
-about the twisted, convoluted logic of the arboreal-aquatic-savannah
-scenario of AAT.
- <pb>

I did not know that Lucy postdates the aquatic phase according to Morgan.
I am not sure if I agree with this. I have not seen anything to make be
believe that
A. afarensis could not have been at least semi-aquatic.

As far as my "convoluted logic", I was reacting to the fact that you said
that since
>-modern humans presently live on the savannahs, plains, taigas, tundras,
>-and deserts of the world.
that this somehow applies to early man could do so as well. Of course
early man could survive
on a hot savanna, or in a warm watery swamp-like area, BUT THAT WAS IT.
It was
only after man could control fire and make cloths that he ventured north
the colder environments. My earlier post specifically said "tundra". You
have somehow
twisted my point to assume that I mean't that Lucy must have had some type
technology to exist on the plains. But again, if you read the earlier
post I specifically
said "tundra". I sure that Lucy could have existed on the plains, without
although not very easily. I think a slow bipedal pre-hominid would just
be safer
in a swamp-like environment. Fewer predators, more easily accessable
food. It just
makes more sense.

Troy Kelley