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Wed, 4 Jan 1995 15:52:37 GMT (Joseph E Boxhorn) writes:

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>> S.J. Gould proposed his radical new
>> theory on punctuated equalibrium in a peer-reviewed science journal.

>Are you sure about this? My understanding is that the original proposal
>made for punctuated equilibrium was in a book chapter (reference given
>below) rather than a journal article. My experience has been that less
>peer reviewing goes on for books than for journals. Some of Gould's
>subsequent publications on punctuated equilibrium were made in peer
>reviewed journals.

>Eldredge, N. and S. J. Gould. 1972. Punctuated equilibria: an alternative
>to phyletic gradualism. In Models in Paleontology, ed. T. J. M. Schopf,
>pp. 82-115. San Francisco: Freeman, Cooper, and Co.

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>Joseph Boxhorn (

You right. Eldrege and Gould's article appeared in a book, rather than a
journal. But I always assumed that the article was peer-reviewed, primarily
because science books on compendiums and symposiums are traditionally
peer-reviewed. I also thought that, because the book had an editor
(Schopf), that there was some level of critiquing prior to publishing.
Correct me if these assumptions are wrong.