Re: AAT reply from Elaine Morgan

Pat Dooley (
30 Dec 1994 21:35:01 -0500

>>after our tree-dwelling stage. I think it is obvious that the savanna
>>would be a very dangerous place for our slow ancestors, and our
>>could only have ventured out onto the savannas after they had developed
>>suffecient tool technology in order to protect themselves.
>>Troy Kelley

>Well . . . I don't know . . . baboons seem to do okay.
> Caroline R. Cooper
> New to this Group & Truly Amazed

Baboons are still quadrupedal and can run a fsf than any bipedal
human, particulary one of Lucy's stature.

Baboon males have truly awesome fangs; even leopards stay well

Baboons are still good climbers, so they retreat to the nearest trees
when danger threatens.

Baboons can go far longer without water than any human.

Baboons are still hairy. They are not profuse eccrine sweaters
like humans.

If the savannah theory had any validity, then we'd be much more
like baboons than we are. They are adapted to the savannah.
Humans, without tools, aren't.

Pat Dooley