Re: Egypt and Symbolism of Eye question

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25 Feb 1995 22:14:59 GMT

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>I would appreciate any information anyone has about the symbolism of the
>eye as it relates to ancient Egyptian art and culture. Thanks.

The eye glyph, 'ir' Faulker page 100, Gardiner D 4-10, is used for things
having to do with the eye. It has meanings ranging from see, and weep, to
look upon, regard, look into and oversee. It is also used for expressions
made with the eye and modified with other glyphs.

The wedjat eye, Gardiner D 10, recognised by the 'tit' marking underneath,
is composed of Gardiner D 11-17, which are the unit fraction for corm
measures used in the making of beer from 1/2 through 1/64.

These are sometimes called the Horus eye fractions. The eyes of Horus,
their loss and replacement by Isis with the sun and the moon is another
story which is well told in Norman Mailers "Ancient Evenings"

Hope this helps,