Re: Questions about Cro Magnon

Patricia Lynn Sothman (
15 Feb 1995 03:14:13 GMT

Phil Nicholls ( wrote:

: Ms. Sothman,

: I'm very sorry for any offense I may have given you and I have to say
: that I understand how you might have been offended given the way my
: post was referenced. I wasn't trying to pick a fight and I really
: wasn't disagreeing with anything you specifically said. I was
: actually replying to the post to which you were yourself replying
: but neglected to edit my attributions.

: Again I apologize for the error.

: I have developed an interest in the the "species question" as it
: applies to paleontology in general and hominid paleontology in
: particular. Let me write up something more specific ( and better
: edited) and get back on that.

: By the way, call me Phil. The "Chris" is a inside
: joke.

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: Philip "Chris" Nicholls Department of Anthropology
: Institute for Hydrohominoid Studies SUNY Albany
: University of Ediacara
: "Semper Alouatta"


I actually should be the one apologizing for the remarks I made, when I
read my own post, it sounded very trite, and I am sorry.

My own research centers upon various aspects of the species question, so
I would be very interested in a discussion over that. My masters thesis
dealt specifically (no pun intended) with Neandertal morphology, and it
looks like my dissertation will attempt to tackle post-cranial problems
in species analysis in early hominid evolution.

Again, I am sorry for the tone of my last post. Looking forward to your
thoughts on species problems in paleoanth.

BTW, you can call me Trisha, that is what most everyone else does. I
usually do not have time for, but I do find many of the
posts on there highly amusing when I peruse it.

Patricia L. Sothman
Dept. Anthropology
Washington University, St. Louis