Eskimo Firestarter

Richard D. Vincent (
20 Feb 1995 07:15:13 GMT

I was recently in a store in Seattle and noticed some Eskimo srtifacts
in a case.I began looking more closely and perceived an object made out of
either wood or bone about six inches long and with three holes countersunk
in it so that a notched stick would fit but not go through.I asked to see
and sure enough it was labeled on the tag as a firestarter.My question is:
A Did the Eskimos uses firestarters of the type described and
B Could a firestarter base be other than wood? Meaning could it have been
out of
bone or a non wood material?
Additionally are there places where one can pay a fee to have objects dated
by C14 or whatever starwars technology is now used and is it prohibitively
expensive.I will probably buy the piece anyway.Possibly it has another use

which I in my non-professional use never imagined.If anyone has any ideas I

would greatly appreciate a reply to .
Yours truly:
Richard D. Vincent