Re: graphics considered harmful (was Re: NYT on Rick Adams and Microsoft)

Alex Currier (
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 21:34:35 -0600

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> Who has ever heard a dinosaur roar? In other words, in an encyclodedia
> for young children, they are peddling outright fabrications.

Who has ever seen God? In other words, in a church for grown adults, they
are peddling outright fabrications.

Aside from the fact that one man's fabrication is another's religion... it
is possible to theorize based on what knowlege we do have of dinosaurs
many things we can't know directly. While I won't say one way or another,
it is conceivable that someone thinks they know how dinosaurs sound. Then
again, it might just be an innocent hook to keep kids interested long
enough to get them learning something.

This all reminds me of the numerous (far too numerous) adults who demanded
refunds from a local park because the dinosaurs in the "Dinosaur Exhibit"
were not real live ones.

I think dinosaur roars, as fabrications go, are the least of our education
worries in this country.

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