Re: graphics considered harmful (was Re: NYT on Rick Adams and Microsoft)

ron house (house@helios.usq.EDU.AU)
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 03:20:32 GMT

Gary Nelson <> writes:

>On 13 Feb 1995, Daniel Yee wrote:

>..... > And as far as conveying information
>> goes, there's only a few things which can be covered better on TV
>> than in text: natural history, art, architecture, geography,...

Brings to mind an ad for Apple extolling the value of multimedia in
school: (paraphrased) You click on the dinosaur, and you get a writeup
on his life and, with another click, you get to hear him roar.


Who has ever heard a dinosaur roar? In other words, in an encyclodedia
for young children, they are peddling outright fabrications.

Use these tools _when appropriate_, and when not, stick to text.


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