Re: Australopithecus, Homo erectus, single species hypothesis

15 Feb 1995 02:50:50 GMT

In article <3hrdbh$62s@jupiter.WichitaKS.NCR.COM>, (Jim Foley) writes:
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>Given that Louis Leakey et al had apparently disproved the single
>species hypothesis 12 years previously, why were R. Leakey and Walker in
>1976 writing as if it was still widely accepted?
>Was the 1964 evidence for different hominid species living side by side
>not as strong as claimed?
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Personally, I think it was very strong evidence. However, you have to
understand the field of paleoanthropology -- a very contentious group, full
of big egos. The Single Species Hyp. was championed by some very big names
in the field (notably Don Johanson, of "Lucy" and PBS specials fame) and
so required quite a bit of evidence to be laid to rest. Even today there is
controversy concerning A.afarensis and, also, H.habilis -- was there one
species of each, or two, or ? And so it will go on ... unless someone can
invent a time machine.
C.R. Cooper
Dept. of Anthropology
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