Mark S. Whorton (
13 Feb 1995 21:00:23 GMT

|> >|> So, sin couldn't corrupt Adam and Eve's genes because they started with
|> >|> perfect genes, so they must have passed on
|> >|> perfect genes to their offspring. Since these offspring started
|> >|> with perfect genes, then sin could not have corrupted their genes either.
|> >|>
|> >|> Or is there some flaw in my understanding of your logic?
|> >|>
|> >Chris, forgive me for taking so long to respond to your post,
|> >but this is my first experience with I had been
|> >following this thread on a cross-posted group. It is probably
|> >time to put this thread to rest because I am not a scholar in
|> >genetics, and I don't claim to know exactly what happened to the
|> >genes of Adam and Eve's children. I simply based my opinions on
|> >the principle that sin brought about death. Of course the bible
|> >doesn't go into details on exactly what effects were manifested and
|> >how, so I have no way of knowing (we don't have their corpses for
|> >examination either). However, in your response, you state that the
|> >offspring started with perfect genes, which isn't necessarily the
|> >case. Since the offspring were conceived after the sin, the effects
|> >would be present at that time.
|> >
|> >Mark
|> But in some cases we DO have the corpses. We have fossils from the Burgess Shales
|> that show one animal in the digestive tract of a larger one. Didn't the smaller animal
|> die?
|> What would you say happened in this case, 500+ million years ago?

Here again, I would like to put this to rest because it has
ceased to be a discussion in which I can emphatically state
scientifically testable theses. Your examples are of animals,
not humans - now don't flame me for basing my ideas on theology
instead of purely a scientific (mechanistic) view and assuming that
there is a fundamental difference in humans and animals. One view
holds (and I really haven't studied this much because it isn't
that big of an issue to me), namely of old-earth creationists, that
of course physical death was present in the animal kingdom, but
when Adam and Eve were created, they were created with perfect bodies,
and there sin introduced spiritual death to man (and in conjunction
physical death).