Re: Nose formation and AAT

Nick Longrich (
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 22:44:19 GMT

In article <>, Troy Kelley
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> First, I would like to comment on the pipedalism thread posted by Phil
> Nicholls. It is so full of references, it is amazing, and yet Phil
> constantly ignores my references pertaining to the AAT theory. Well, I
> have one reference, on the swimming behaviour of human infants, I can
> make available. I have scanned in an image of a human infant floating in
> the water on its back unassisted. If anyone would like a copy of the
> picture please send me some e-mail and I will see if I can send it to you
> in some sort of graphic format via e-mail, hopefully.
> Troy Kelley

Well, of course babies float. It's called baby fat, but it's not not an
aquatic adaptation.