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3 Feb 1995 15:02:26 GMT

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|> >Even if you accept the fact that Adam and Eve were unique creatures
|> >created by God, and not 'brother and sister' or 'different species' then
|> >you must address the fact, who did their children mate with? I am not
|> >well versed in biblical literature, but did Adam and Eve have only sons?
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|> >Rusty Brooks *
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|> look at edmund leach, genesis as myth (Discovery may 1982: 30-35)
|> on problem of adam & eve, incest versus procreation. adam's offspring was
|> eve; did they committ parent/child or brother-sister incest?

Claiming that adam's offspring was eve is totally without basis.
The scriptures, which is the only source of information regarding
adam and eve (assuming as I do that they were literal people) gives
absolutely no indication to that end. It clearly states that both
were created by God, only God used adams rib to form eve miraculously.