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11 Feb 1995 13:18:07 GMT

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>I have really benefitted from the help given me by people on this
>newsgroup about Cro Magnon. I now know when they lived, where they lived,
>and that they were Homo sapien sapiens.
>But what exactly made the Cro Magnons Cro Magnons? What does an
>archaeologist have to find in a grave or habitation site to say, "Cro
>Magnon lived here."?
>Sig Lonegren }:-)
>Question Reality

[1] Upper paleolithic tool kit. This means an increase in the number
and type of blade tools over the middle paleolithic tools used by
Neandertals. Some early Homo sapiens used middle-paleolithic tools
and we have at least one site with neandertal remains associated with
an early upper paleolithic stone tool kit.

[2] Modern skulls have a chin, lack the massive supraorbital torus and
midfacial projection of neandertals, have thinner cranial vault bones,
lack a superiniac fossa on the occipit.

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