Don Moseley (dmoseley@connix)
1 Feb 1995 18:30:19 GMT

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(Robert Beyer) says:
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>S. Whorton) writes:
>>Yes, Adam and Eve had daughters, (...). It would have taken
>>a few generations for the gene pool to be corrupted by sin so that
>>mating siblings would be harmful.
>What about Cain?

I've been wondering, while reading this thread, if clones could reproduce. If Eve
was formed from one of Adam's ribs, wouldn't she be his clone? Perhaps this
has been addressed and I've missed it, if so sorry to but in.

Boy my reader is a pain in the A.. It fusses at me when I don't write more
than I quote - I hope this will be enough to satisfy it. No! I'll probably have
to erase more .

Don Moseley