re:the origin of races, carleton coon

Ralph L Holloway (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 20:31:14 -0500

This isn't my area of expertise, but I woul;d certainly suggest you read
the relevant chapter in Pat Shipman's 1994 book, "The Evolution of
Racism", which presents a more balanced view (in my view) than often
encountered among physical and cultural anthropologists. I do recall
when I was a student at Berkeley in 1962 that Washburn found me in a
bookstore examining Coon's book. He asked me what I thought of it, and I
replied it was the best thing on the fossils I had seen since Boule and
Vallois' Fossil Man. Washburn didn't particularly care for my answer.
After reading Shipman's book, I finally understood why... Anyway, it's a
reasonabvle place to start, as her refs are pretty complete.
Ralph L. Holloway
On 8 Feb 1995,
DrGiuseppe wrote:

> I wonder if anyone could help me with some contemporary references to
> problems posed by Coon in his book The Origin of Races. I came across this
> book after reading The Neandertals by Trinkaus and Shipman. I was
> impressed with his observation of deep differences between various
> "races". I realize that this subject was very controversial when the book
> was published in the 60's and is no doubt even more so now. I would love
> to know what people in this field think today about Coon's theories and if
> anyone is studing these questions.