Rifkin (was New Topic of Discussion)

Gregory Grant (ggrant@cardano.math.upenn.edu)
9 Feb 1995 18:53:29 GMT

> You must have read _Algeny_, wherein the redoubtable Rifkin erects an
> unrecognizable strawman that he calls "Darwinism", throws a couple of
> weak punches at it, and declares himself the victor; all the while
> comparing himself favorably with other "futurists".
> Vile, incoherent, self-congratulatory tripe.
> Only book I've ever burnt.
> Even the smoke had a bad smell.
> ---
> Joel Hanes

Yeah, I recall one argument, he says evolution is impossible
because the likelihood of a protien just spontaneously appearing
is about the same as the likelihood of walking into a junkyard
and finding a spontaneously assembled 747 jet. (The actual argument
was very close to this, though I can't check since I also burned
my copy).

Sophisticated, huh? Equate evolution with spontaneous appearance!
In the same way I can prove 5 is not prime. 5 = 6 (because I
say so), and 6 is not prime, therefore 5 is not prime.

The funny thing is that a lot of people take this guy seriously.

Greg Grant