Re: New Topic of Discussion

Joel Hanes (
7 Feb 1995 03:01:11 GMT (Gregory Grant) writes:
> ... at least you don't have
> Marilyn Vos (idiot) Savant writing articles about your profession.
>(You know Marilyn, the smartest woman on earth!)
>I am referring to her assinine article on Fermat's last theorem,
>where she challenged the whole way math is done these days.
>Math departments still have thick steam a year and a half later.
>Her arguments were about as coherent as those of Jeremy Rifkin
>when he argues against evolution.


You must have read _Algeny_, wherein the redoubtable Rifkin erects an
unrecognizable strawman that he calls "Darwinism", throws a couple of
weak punches at it, and declares himself the victor; all the while
comparing himself favorably with other "futurists".

Vile, incoherent, self-congratulatory tripe.

Only book I've ever burnt.
Even the smoke had a bad smell.

Joel Hanes