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7 Feb 1995 15:00:19 GMT

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>My wording seems to have confused some.The fact that evolution is the
>strongest explanation available for the expansion of life on Earth is
>undisputable. My statement meant to chastise those in the scientific
>community who can so easily abandon objectivity and jump on some bandwagon
>or other. The whole dinosaur-bird argument is a good example where the
>concept of refining knowledge to irrefutable truth drops to the level a
>war of opinion. The point is, how can any scientist choose a "side" when
>truth is seldom what someone wants it to be? Hence the need to be

While I agree with the above I also think that it is basic human nature
to believe you are right and to advocate for your position. Who else
will see the weaknesses in someone's position except for someone who
wants that position to be refuted? There can be too much advocacy,
as in the case of paleoanthropology. However, in the long run, the
process seems to work.

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