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>Hi Stanley (Friesen)
>on 26 Jan 95 you wrote in bionet.population-bio
>on behalf of topic : Re: ANCESTRY QUESTION?
>>is a "translation" of my first name into a *very* obscure language
>>(called Quenya, if you want to know).
>*very* obsure ??? not more than Sindarin !

Nope, not more obscure than that.
[Though I think I might be able to put together a slightly
larger vocabulary of Quenya - at least if limited to words
of known meaning].

>>The name I was refering to is my family name, "Friesen".
>I live only 60 kms west of Nord-Friesland, the place where the Friesen
>live :-)

Yep, that's about where my family ultimately came from.
I suspect here may even be people with that family name still
in the area.

That is also where the religous group that ultimately brought my
ancestors to America was founded (since its followers kept finding
a need to move on to keep their faith).

[Of course there were some odd wanderings in between].


May the peace of God be with you.