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>|> > : The thing that intrigues me is the question of who the mythical Adam or
>|> > : Eve mated with. Were they brother and sister or were they of different
>|> > : species! It strikes me that the answer points to the absence of any clear
>|> > : boundary between species. (i.e there is no clear cut off point where one
>|> > : can say "this is human" and "this is not".)
>|> Even if you accept the fact that Adam and Eve were unique creatures
>|> created by God, and not 'brother and sister' or 'different species' then
>|> you must address the fact, who did their children mate with? I am not
>|> well versed in biblical literature, but did Adam and Eve have only sons?
>Yes, Adam and Eve had daughters, and many scholars claim that since
>Adam and Eve had been created in a sinless state, there would be no
>harmful effects from brother and sister mating. It would have taken
>a few generations for the gene pool to be corrupted by sin so that
>mating siblings would be harmful.

How does sin corrupt the gene pool?