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>>From what I read in Desmond Morris' book "Manwatching", the baby's motor
>>actions are "coordinated" enough to propel the baby in a specific
>>direction. That is swimming. They float on their backs and kick their
>>legs and arms and actually move in a direction. Not bad for a newborn.
>>So, it would appear that there is an innate ability to swim that appears
>>in humans before the ability to walk, then mysteriously disappears at
>>approximately four months of age. I find this fasinating, especially
>>because most savanna creatures have the ablity to run almost immediatly at
>>birth, in order to escape from predators.
Someone made the point that crawling actions willl propel one through
water, where walking actions will not. Once an infant starts moving in an
upright style, in water they will attempt to walk rather than crawl. I don't
know if the timing is right, or if a baby taught to swim will forget how.

>Umm, excuse me. I've been lurking in several anthro/evolution newsgroups
>for a few months now and this Aquatic ape theory seems to have remarkable

Most of the references are books by Elaine Morgan (The Aquatic Ape,
Scars of Evolution). The following has an article by Morgan, one by
Wheeler, others by many other people. It's the most recent, unless
Morgan has actually written one called 'The descent of the child'.

The Aquatic ape, fact or fiction? : the first scientific evaluation
of a controversial theory of human evolution / edited by Machteld Roede
... :et al.: London : Souvenir Press (E & A), 1991.
xxii, 369 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Based in part on a conference organized by the European
Sociobiological Society and the Dutch Association of Physical
Anthropology, held in Valkenburg, Netherlands in August 1987.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
ISBN 0285630334
1. Human evolution--Congresses. I. Roede, Machteld.
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