Ancestry question

Keith Gell (
31 Jan 1995 13:07:39 GMT

I heard on the radio once that someone was making a map of the genes
of human populations around the world. I can only remember a few
things about the study but apparently it found that people living
in the lake district in the North of England were closely related to

Also people from the West coast of Ireland were related to Libyans.

The upshot was that locations in Britain contained populations
that were readily distinguishable from other locations.

I would be interested to know if anyone knows more about this study,
and can add (or indeed correct) this information.

As a side I went to Egypt recently and was told by a tour guide that the
language of ancient Egyptian bares almost no resemblance to any modern language.
I wonder if anyone has checked to see how close the DNA of mummyfied
pharohs is to that of modern Egyptians ?


Keith Vernon Gell