WIlliam C. Wilson (
31 Jan 1995 05:37:32 GMT

> Yes, Adam and Eve had daughters,

Are you sure about this? the only childern I have ever read about
in Genesis are Cain, Abel and Seth. Both Cain and Seth are described
as marrying the "daughters of men" tho where these other men came
from is never cleared up.

> and many scholars claim that since
> Adam and Eve had been created in a sinless state, there would be no
> harmful effects from brother and sister mating.

What does being created sinless have to do with having potential
genetic ?imperfections?; or are you equating sinlessness with perfection?
If so would you care to define which genes are perfect even for
something as simple as ABO blood types? Which is better AB+ or O-?

> It would have taken a few generations for the gene pool to be
corrupted by sin so that mating siblings would be harmful.
> Mark

How does the act of mating corrupt the genes? The problem with incestuous
matings is not that they create new bad genes but that they are MUCH
more likely to pass a double dose of any harmful recessive already
present. Geneticly incest between siblings that could be shown to be
free of harmful recessives (& other genes) would not be a problem and might
actually be very desirable. If all double doses are weeded out permanently
and proven carriers dont breed further it might be a very useful pattern,
of course it wouldn't be very Humane or Moral (at least by western standards).

William C. Wilson