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J. Moore (
Mon, 30 Jan 95 10:44:00 -0500

Pn> Ok, someone wanted a new topic. Let's try this one.

Pn> Is there anyone out there besides be who really loaths
Pn> Donald Johanson? I mean he is such a shameless selp-promoter.
Pn> That NOVA series, for example, wasn't about the science of
Pn> paleoanthropology as much as it was about Donald Johanson-fossil
Pn> hunter.

Pn> There was no mention of Richard Leakey in the entire presentation.
Pn> There was no mention of OH-62 OR the Hadar first family fossils.
Pn> There was no indication that anyone disagreed with his interpretations.

Pn> What do you think?

I found it interesting that in all the lectures I went to at his
institute in Berkeley, he only once had a woman give a talk. For a talk
about women in evolution, he chose a not-too-well-informed woman,
despite the nearby campus of UCSC, home at the time to both Zihlman and
Tanner. His ideas toward women also obviously affect his theories, as
witness his continued support for Lovejoy's laughable 1981 Science
article (which most everyone else has tossed on the trash heap by now).

Even Tim White, a fairly easy-going guy, has left Johanson's company, it

But then, when you read or hear about the way Johanson ended up in
control of his Hadar research sites, wouldn't you expect that sort of

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