Evolution of racial characteristics: OoA vs. Multi-regionalism

Al Curtis (alc@azotus.com)
29 Dec 1996 00:52:27 GMT

I have not seen enough evidence to be able to come down on one side or
the other in trying to decide between the two models currently being
debated. I have found myself leaning slightly toward M-R on the basis
of something I read recently. Apparently, there is some evidence to
suggest that certain anatomical differences seen in modern humans of
various races today, i.e. dental shape, bone length, etc., already
begin to be seen in H. erectus fossils found in various parts of the
world. If the existing H. erectus were replaced by a new influx of H.
sapiens, what are the chances that the new population would evolve
those same characteristics and retain them to the present, given
changing environmental selective pressures? Is it possible that there
*was* successful breeding between archaic H. sapiens and H. erectus
and if so, would this not suggest that archaic H. sapiens was not
really a new species, but a slightly more evolved H. erectus?

BTW, just what is the current thought regarding the taxonomic status
of so-called archaic H. sapiens? I have not been able to find much
information on this subject.

I am new to the group, so please forgive me if this has been covered
recently. Thanks.