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Thu, 26 Dec 1996 10:36:03 GMT

On 18 Dec 1996 12:16:43 GMT, (Ed Conrad) wrote:

>Dave Fellin was one of two miners entombed for 14 days inside an
>anthracite mine near the village of Sheppton, Pa., in August 1963
>until he and Hank Throne were miraculously rescued by being pulled to
>the surface through a borehole.
[ snip snip snippety snip ]

This is a depressing read.

I've been lurking here to pick up some understanding of times past.
I'm a history buff, with no academic credentials what so ever. I'm a
computer programmer and a writer...

But instead of reading about the wondrous finds of the sunken palace
of Cleopatra, or discussions on the symbolism represented by the
cuneiform tablets (if there was any) I find myself reading that man is
not capable of greatness, of achievement. All his wonders are really
made by aliens.

In another post I read that man is set apart from evolution. That
there really was giants walking the earth before man. It is sad, so
horribly sad, that our times has produced such a pessimism. I would
call these kinds of post homophobic, in the meaning they are
anti-human rather than in the meaning that the words has gained

Do you really not think that man is capable of anything worthwhile? Do
you? Do you not believe in the miracle of man's inventiveness? Do you
not believe that a man could, like Archimedes (I think) cry 'Heureka!'
and rush off to start work on something wonderful?

Doesn't anyone recognise the miracle in the fact that we, the sons and
daughters of the alges in the primeval soup has intelligence, wit,
compassion, love, ambition, and ideas?

Take Care Now,