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Francisco Lopez (d005734c@dcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us)
25 Dec 1996 19:37:45 GMT

Copyright 1996

This list, The UFO and Related Phenomena Divulgation List is mainly for
the submission of serious material regarding research on UFO and related
phenomena and public sharing of relevant information.

The editorial position of the list is pro the use of the scientific method,
however, scholarly oriented non scientific material will be considered.

At this time, UFOR is inviting individuals, organizations and other lists
to participate in the broadest distribution of research and pertinent
information regarding the matters discussed in the list.

We are interested in article submissions, article requests and announcements
in the following areas:

UFO Sightings Accounts
UFO Abductions Accounts
UFO Human and Animal Mutilation Accounts
UFO Paranormal Events and Experiences Accounts
UFO Hot News, Alerts and Urgent Statements
UFO Research and Field Work
UFO Interdisciplinary Research, Field Work and Analysis
UFO Event Analysis
UFO Politics, Law and Economics
UFO Military
UFO Intelligence
UFO Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Technology
UFO Medicine and Biological Sciences
UFO Philosophy, Religion and Mythology
UFO Sociology, Psychology, Parapsychology, Paranormal
UFO Historical, Anthropological, Archeological Research
UFO Demystification
UFO Requests for Papers, Experts, Research Subjects, Studies, Experiments
UFO Requests and Announcemts for Funding, Grants, Sponsorships
UFO Media and Media Announcements
UFO Organizations and Organization Announcements
UFO WEB Sites, Newsgroups (local and worldwide), Lists, BBS, Data Bases
UFO Private Lists Digests and Round Ups
UFO Biographies

Apart from Scientists, Field Researchers, other Professionals and others
with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, there are in the list,
Journalists, Movie, TV and Radio Producers, Writers, Publishers, Editors,
PR, Advertising, Marketing professionals. Of course, there is the enormous
capability for worldwide information distribution and networking of the
Internet and other systems. Be aware that the articles will be forwarded
well beyond this list, to many BBSs, Homepages, Newsgroups, other Mail
Lists, private mail between individual users and by print. Be prepared to
discuss, defend or add to your positions.

If your article is Copyrighted, please make sure you indicate it. We
suggest that, unless is absolutely necessary (and we are flexible on this),
a summary is submitted if the article is over 50K. Those with interest would
contact the author for the full article. The same applies to research
papers and other items intended for commercial distribution, in this case
the abstract would be acceptable.

If you are in position to do so, please, include your professional and
academic credentials and a very short bio in your articles. This, however,
is not a requisite for submmissions (nor is to be a PhD). Within the
parameters set previously, we are interested in content and its substance
and we understand that the UFO experience can occur to anyone, elsewhere
under a variety of circumstances and in a variety of states of mind.

Articles can be submitted anonymously. Interested parties will contact
the authors replying to the anonymous addresses.

If your article is in other language than English, you can submit a summary
in your native language with an English translation.

Interaction among list members is highly encouraged, however, along with
debating and "chit-chatting" will have to take place via your favorite
mail list or group, directly with the individual or in a parallel
list or newsgroup in order to avoid cluttering everyone's mail boxes.

All parties are adviced that we do not assume any responsibility for
submissions and we reserve the right to edit and post. Any differences
shall be settled directly with the parties involved. By submitting an
article you accept to held the owners of this list free of the
responsibilities germane to your submissions.

To join the regular list (the bulk of the messages, between ten to twenty
per batch, sent midweek and weekends, one or two the rest of the days),
E mail to d005734c@dcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us In the subject write "join"
(without the quote marks), nothing in the body.

To join the "digest" list (at this time for ocassional mailings) send
a message with the word "join digest" in the subject.

For only extremely urgent messages send a message with the words "join
special situations" in the subject.

Francisco Lopez
List Owner