Re: anthropology questions: siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

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>>>Jesus, Mary and Joseph! These aren't even HISTORY questions.
>>>These are SPAM, spam is meat, ok? Our ancestors definitely ate
>>>spam made of horse-flesh while crossing the Bering straits, ok?
>>>Dr. Doug

>>My question came from; its not spam; if you
>>have some evidence of man eating horses in North America before
>>Spanish reintroduction, then please be so kind as to direct me to
>>it. Otherwise, . . . .

>I think you came in late on this thread. Several of us have been
>waiting for it to die. But it seems you are injecting it with some
>serious postings.

>I'll take that spam back (and save it for lunch tomorrow).

>Dr. Doug

One of my sources (The Accent of Equus, L.A.Co. Museum of Natural
History, Exposition Park, 1965(?) ) definatly shows a major horse
migration WESTWARD (from N.America to Siberia over the Beringian Land
Bridge) while, at the same time, Man was migrating EASTWARD, from
Siberia to N.America. Wouldn't it seem reasonable that besides the
Caribu they were following, they would have also made SPAM (jerky,
anyway) out of the available horse-flesh as well as Reindeer?

The horse, as well as most of the other megafauna, seems to have
disappeared from N.America around the end of the Wurm period of
glaciation, co-incidently at the same time of Man's introduction into
the same biosphere. Since the Great Plains area of N.America is
perfectly suited to supply fodder for horses, bison, and other large
herbavours, the question becomes, "What happened to the indiginous
horse of the Western Hemisphere?"

With the ice retreating from the American continent, the only other
major change to this hemisphere seems to be the introduction of Man
(the most ecologicly UNSOUND creature in existance). The most logical
explanation to the disappearance of the horse seems to be the
'BLITZKRIEG' Theory. As man spread southward through the Western
Hemisphere, he simply killed off nearly everything in his path. Only
the bison were able to survive the Blitz, with the deer family coming
in a distant second.


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