Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

Paul E. Pettennude (
21 Dec 1996 23:45:19 GMT

This is absolute nonsense.

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> (Nippon-Nashville Web Site) wrote:
> >What counter-theories are there to the land bridge and Spanish
> >introduction of horses? I was not aware of any. If Leaky(sp?) et al.
> >are right about modern man emerging from his simian(sp?) ancestors in
> >Africa, the "native Americans" had to come from some other continent
> >somehow. I believe there are indications that prehistoric horses
> >(little bitty ones) existed in the Americas but died out. What's
> >going down, theory-wise?
> >
> >JCR
> It is my understanding that full size horses lived in North America prior

> to reintroduction by the Spanish. When I say full size, I mean just as
> big or bigger than a normal modern horse that has not been selectively
> bred for large size by man. These horses did die out before the Spanish
> arrived and reintroduced the horse. I have never heard of any evidence
> that man in North America ever hunted these original horses and I am have

> not seen any evidence that man was responsable for their extinction. Is
> there any such evidence that man ever hunted these horses? When did they

> go extinct?