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Laurie Davison (
19 Dec 1996 18:12:24 GMT (Roger Dodger) wrote:
>Roger Dodger has this to say about that-
>>Quick question:
>> Can anyone post the number of chromosomes of the apes, orang,
>>chimp, gorilla, bonobo? Thanks.
>If I remember my biology correctly, the chimp has 22 pairs of
>chromosomes. Homo sapiens have 23 pairs. I don't know about the
>others. BTW, orangs, chimps and gorillas are ALL apes. I don't know
>what a bonobo is.
>Roger Dodger
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A bonobo is another type of chimpanzee - and a very fascinating group at
that! They use sex to solve just about every imaginable social problem.
It appears that gender, age, relationship to self, and number of
individuals involved have little to do with anything. You should look
into them. Really a very very interesting group!:)