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Dave Fellin was one of two miners entombed for 14 days inside an
anthracite mine near the village of Sheppton, Pa., in August 1963
until he and Hank Throne were miraculously rescued by being pulled to
the surface through a borehole.

Only in the final years of his life did Mr. Fellin, who died six years
ago at age 84, reveal that he had countless out-of-body experiences
while he and Throne were without any contact whatsoever with the
outside world for five days and were simply waiting to die.

During some of these experiences, Mr. Fellin revealed he had been
taken back in time to witness the actual occurrence of pertinent
historical events in the earth's history -- for example, being aboard
Columbus' ship (although unseen by the crew) on the journey in which
America was discovered.

In one of these out-of-body experiences, Mr. Fellin testified that he
had seen the pyramids being built.

Mr. Fellin's signed affidavit about his visit to the construction site
of the pyramids appears below.

Meanwhile, it should also be noted that Mr. Fellin had taken two
different polygraph tests about his out-of-body experiences, and the
certified polygraphist who administered them stated there was no sign
of deception.

In addition to the polygraphs, Mr. Fellin also testified -- with his
right hand on the Bible -- that every word he had revealed about his
numerous out-of-body experiences was true.


> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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May 17, 1986
Sheppton, Pa.

To Whom It May Concern:

I, David S. Fellin, being of sound mind despite my 81 years of age,
hereby attest that what is written here is the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

During one of my countless out-of-body exceriences during my life --
this particular one occurring while Hank Throne and I were waiting for
death to take us while entombed in an anthracite mne back in August
1963 -- I was sent back in time to the period of the construction of
the pyramids.

The scene was nothing as it is today in the vicinity of Egypt where
the pyramids now stand. That is, it was not a desert. It was covered
with vegetation and I even saw trees which had trunks more than
three-feet thick.

The blocks for the pyramids were not hauled from any distance,
whatsoever. I saw men had constructed a mold -- a pattern -- in the
place where the next block was to go, then carry buckets of sand-like
material to the mold and dump it inside the mold.

Each bucket contained either grains of sulphur, grains of iron or a
mixture of both.

Approximately 20 men were working on the construction fo one
particular block -- but a number of blocks were being made at various

Of these 20 or so men, all except one looked Egyptian -- that is,
resembled the people of ancient Egypt whose pictues we see in books.

But the other man looked somewhat different than the others and he was
the person who was supervising the construction of a particular block.

This person carried no weapon -- no whip or anything like that, and
there appeared to be a rather cheerful atmosphere among all of the
workers. In fact, ther person who was supervising the opeation could
also be seen to pitch in and do some of the work.

The person who looked different than the others and undoubtedly was
the boss of the crew was not of the earth but was an extraterrestrial.

The purpose of the construction of the pyramdis, based on what I had
observed, was two-fold. First, it was to serve as a calendar regarding
the planting and harvesting seasons. Second, it was to serve as a
guideline on earth so it could be viewed a great distance from earth.

I swear on the Holy Bible that what is written here is the truth and
there is not one word of fabrication.


David S. Fellin

Note: Mr. Fellin later described the extraterrestrial as being human
-- ``exactly like us" -- but physically larger than the Egyptians. He
described him as being Caucasian with an extremely dark tan.