Re: URL of Science article Re: 30,000 year old Homo erectus

Susan S. Chin (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 06:08:11 GMT

My pathetic web browser won't allow me to download this article, though I
have access to the web site. Anyone out there have the technology and a
few spare moments to email me a copy of the article? Thanks.... and yes,
I really do need to get a new web browser!


Michael Daunt ( wrote:
: Thanks. Just finished reading this article. Sounds like they are
: stretching quite a bit to come up with their stated range of 27 to 53 kya.
: I have a question for the experts out there. Is there a way to obtain
: radiocarbon dates directly on the hominid bones. This would seem to be
: within the range of that method, and would avoid many of the troubles with
: the method used for this article. How the hell did they manage to lose
: 25,000 non-hominid fossils.

: Domingo Martinez-Castilla <> wrote in article
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: | The article of this thread is available free in Science web site, at
: least
: | until the end of this year. I have it in front of me now at:
: |
: |
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