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> >> shorty question, what is the speculation on when language came about?
> >> Neanderthal? Earlier? Any guesses at what level that language existed
> >> in Neanderthal?
> >JW: Would you care to define the word *language* here? What
> >do you mean by this? How would this compare with a
> >(typical) present day hunter gatherer language?
> What is typical present day hunter gatherer language?
> >Would you care to define the word *language* here?
> No. :)
> However, in keeping with USEnet tradition of spouting off when
> one knows next to nothing...
> Verbal communication with "words". Words being distinct sounds having
> distinct meanings, e.g. individual sounds that corosponds to preditor
> prey, that define size, ....
> Possible considerations for above mentioned speculation:
> Do all the homonids have the physical aparatus?
> Is there a fairly well developed language center in the brain?
> if so does it appear that all homonids had room for this part of the brain?
> Is there any step change in size of groups?
> Is it reasonable to assume that language would allow larger groups
> to live together?
> How would this be different from herbivore herds?
> Are there limits to the size of groups of animals living together based on
> herbivore vs. omnivore vs. carnivore
> rigidity of pecking order
> intellegence
> ???
> Dolphins vs. chimps vs. Elephants
> I'm pretty much free associating here, so please don't flame, though
> criticisms of any assumptions I may be making here are welcome.
> >John.
> Robert
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Language .. meaning .. the ability to create a sound or gesture to
represent a specific object or action ... when the sound or gesture has
no apparent relationship to the object or action .. other than the sound
or gesture, in itself.

Is this such a terrible question?