Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in th

Yuri Kuchinsky (
18 Dec 1996 02:13:23 GMT

Hey, guys, what has this got to do with mesoamerican archaeology? Spam is
bad for you, ya know, especially if you're vegetarians...

Now, if you want to talk about human sacrifices and cannibalism... maybe
something more relevant with us?



Doug Kihn ( wrote:

: >
: >While living in Meeteetsee, Wyoming (everyone knows where THAT is,
: right?) and
: >after having been a vegetarian for two years, I worked on a ranch
: feeding 60
: >lb. bales of hay to the cattle, after stacking 30 or 40 bales on the
: ranchers
: >pickup, sometimes in 40-below-zero weather. Yeehah! No lack of protein
: there!!
: >
: >(Must have been all those soybeans...)
: >
: >;]
: >
: >John
: >

: C'mon John, are you sure you didn't sneak up on one of those fat hefers
: one cold day and carve some prime rib? Yeehah!

: Dr. Doug


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