Sho Nakagama (
17 Dec 1996 10:40:24 GMT

In article <595pj6$>, Ed Conrad wrote:

Ed, taking a break from my tradition of merciless satire, I'd like
to say the following.

You have demonstrated that you believe what you say.

I don't happen to agree with it, but I'm an engineer, but I have worked
on digs (all you, be glad that you don't have tons of earth collapsing
upon you!) to pick up extra money.

not so long ago, a relatively unknown engineer came up with a gear set
which completely defied all gear equations used in the industry and many
wrote him off as a crack pot. (ie Torsin Differential)

What did he do? He didn't create a flame war on Usenet, he approached a
manufacturer and asked to prove himself under labratory conditions. He's
glad he did, royalties and all.

Just some advice, but I still think you're wrong, just from what
I know of anthracite coal, as much as an engineer who was required
to take a couple geology courses might know.

"So tell me now, I'll dive as you say, breaking this silence
I will reach the other side of the lake
And see myself like Ophelia in flowers, drift away"
"The poet's turmoil strike again, as words once more they fail me,
another bomb has just supplied the cross on which to nail me"
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