Re: What did the first Organic Thingamadoodle eat?

Doug Kihn (
16 Dec 1996 20:47:28 GMT

>BTW, I just heard on the radio that a Federal Gov't study recommends
>doing away with the 12th grade...given the general scientific
>epitomized by Ed, that is a truly terrifying thought. I guess
>the Feds figure that high school grads generally aren't stupid enough
>Rebecca Lynn "HA HA! I ain't got no exams this term!" Johnson
>Ph.D. stud., Dept. of Anthropology, U Iowa
>Hatrack ratcatcher to port weapons...brickbat lingerie!!
> -- Cdr. Susan Ivanova, B5
Well, all the US government and the ruling class behind it want is a
working class that knows just enough to work everyday and live long
enough to raise children for their replacements. Does that really
require a 12th grade?

Dr. Doug