Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

Tuohy (
15 Dec 1996 19:27:38 GMT

>Jeez, it was just a little joke.


. I
>don't advise asking M.D.s anything regarding health.


The average
>lifespan of M.D.s in the USA is 58.

Look if I had to see that many sick ppl so often I doubt I'd live to

This means that most of them know
>virtually nothing about health.

No it doesn't mean anything of the kind.

What they are good at is disease.
The studied the human body.And germs.So I'm sure they can tell you
somthing about dieases.(I'd hope so anyway).

>The average M.D. probably worships red meat, as is common in the USA,
>and probably eats it in overdose quantities.

>The only true expert is one's own body. There are times (not every
>day) that my BODY (not mental program) craves red meat and is
>only with red meat. Red meat gives warmth and movement to our bodies.
Umm,your talking about taste buds.Its what you have been rasied
with,and your own will power.Many ppl crave candy.But candy is most
likely not the best thing for them.

>In hot climates (like India), this unnatural habit of vegetarianISM is
>easier to get away with.

Well that and cows are sacred animals there.

But in cold climates, it's just plain

With indoor heating?Its not like you sleep out in the ice and snow.

>By the way, Irish people are usually a little ruddy.

You should see my family.(No,that are not all vegatrians).

That flush is
>there to keep their faces warm. Do you suffer from the cold, Colleen?
heh.No,but thank you for asking.